Richard Mille RM17-02 White Quartz TPT | The Watch Meister

The Watch Meister in City Walk, Dubai, proudly presents the remarkable Richard Mille RM 17-02 Tourbillon White Quartz TPT, a stunning embodiment of innovation and exclusivity. This masterpiece integrates advanced watchmaking technology with unique materials, setting a new standard in the luxury watch market.

A Marvel of Material and Design

Introducing the White Quartz TPT

The RM 17-02 stands out with its White Quartz TPT case, a distinctive material that not only provides incredible durability and lightness but also exhibits a unique aesthetic appeal. The white quartz is crafted through a process that enhances its ability to change hues under different lighting conditions, adding an element of visual intrigue that is both subtle and striking.

Sleek, Functional Aesthetics

This model is equipped with the advanced RM017 tourbillon movement, known for its precision and reliability. The design features include a sleek openworked dial that allows admirers to gaze into the complexities of its inner workings, highlighted by sand-gold-toned bridges and a mainplate that complement the overall monochromatic theme.

Technical Excellence

Caliber 2972: Heart of Innovation

The heart of the RM 17-02 is the Caliber 2972, introduced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Royal Oak. This movement ensures that the watch not only functions with impeccable accuracy but also provides a visual spectacle through its openworked architecture.

Perfect for Collectors and Enthusiasts

The integration of sophisticated materials like White Quartz TPT with the celebrated tourbillon mechanism makes the RM 17-02 a coveted piece for collectors and luxury watch enthusiasts. Its rarity and innovative design underscore its status as a collectible and a hallmark of luxury.

Exclusive Availability at The Watch Meister

A Hub for Luxury Timepieces

At The Watch Meister, enthusiasts have the unique opportunity to experience this exquisite timepiece firsthand. The boutique’s commitment to offering exclusive, high-quality watches makes it the ideal place to explore and acquire such distinguished models.

The RM 17-02 Tourbillon White Quartz TPT reaffirms the boutique’s status as a leading destination for luxury watches  providing patrons with access to some of the most sought-after timepieces in the world.