The Rolex GMT-Master II Collection: A World of Precision at The Watch Meister, Dubai

The Watch Meister in Dubai is proud to present the Rolex GMT-Master II collection, a series that epitomises the spirit of exploration and the sophistication of world travel. Since its inception, the GMT-Master II has been the quintessential watch for globetrotters, offering unparalleled functionality and style. Our selection in Dubai features all the iconic models of the GMT-Master II, including the Rootbeer, Batman, Batgirl, Pepsi, Sprite, and the luxurious Yellow Gold Jubilee, each designed to meet the diverse preferences of our clientele.

The GMT-Master II: A Legacy of Cosmopolitan Precision

The Rolex GMT-Master II, successor to the model introduced in 1955 and favored by airline pilots, has become the ultimate cosmopolitan timepiece. With its additional 24-hour hand and a two-colour rotatable graduated bezel, the GMT-Master II not only displays a second time zone but also allows wearers to connect with their personal “somewhere out there” – be it a memory, a dream destination, or future journeys.

Emblematic Two-Colour Bezel

The GMT-Master II is instantly recognisable by its emblematic two-colour bezel. This bidirectional rotatable bezel is fitted with a 24-hour graduated Cerachrom insert made from extremely hard ceramic, showcasing Rolex’s pioneering craftsmanship. Virtually scratchproof and maintaining its vibrant colours over time, the bezel’s moulded, recessed graduations and numerals are coated with precious materials, adding to the watch’s allure.

Iconic Models for Every Explorer

  • Rootbeer: Known for its distinctive brown and black bezel, the Rootbeer is a homage to the original GMT-Master’s warm, inviting colours.
  • Batman: With its striking blue and black bezel, the Batman model is a favorite for its bold, yet sophisticated appearance.
  • Batgirl: Similar to the Batman but featuring a sleek Jubilee bracelet, the Batgirl combines the best of Rolex’s design elements.
  • Pepsi: The Pepsi model, with its red and blue bezel, is a nod to the original GMT-Master’s Pan Am-inspired colour scheme.
  • Sprite: The latest addition, the Sprite, captivates with its green and black bezel, offering a fresh take on the GMT-Master II’s design.
  • Yellow Gold Jubilee: Exuding luxury, the Yellow Gold Jubilee model is a testament to Rolex’s commitment to elegance and precision.

Discover Your GMT-Master II at The Watch Meister

Located in Dubai, The Watch Meister invites you to explore the Rolex GMT-Master II collection. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through our selection, helping you find the perfect GMT-Master II that not only meets your travel needs but also complements your personal style. Whether you’re drawn to the adventurous spirit of the Rootbeer or the classic elegance of the Pepsi, our collection promises a timepiece that resonates with your sense of exploration and sophistication.

Visit The Watch Meister in Dubai and embark on a journey with the Rolex GMT-Master II. Let us help you select a watch that celebrates your global adventures and stands as a symbol of precision and luxury on your wrist.