BrandRichard Mille
ModelRM 011
Case MaterialRose Gold


Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and precision with the Richard Mille RM 11-03 Full Rose Gold with Full Set Diamond Case, a timepiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional watchmaking to offer something truly extraordinary. This dazzling watch, now available for sale in Dubai at The Watch Meister, represents the pinnacle of Richard Mille’s commitment to combining avant-garde technology with unmatched elegance.

The RM 11-03 Full Rose Gold with a Full Set Diamond Case is a masterpiece that showcases the harmonious blend of luxurious materials. Crafted entirely in sumptuous rose gold, the iconic tonneau-shaped case of the RM 11-03 is further elevated by a full set of meticulously selected and perfectly matched diamonds, enveloping the watch in a radiant brilliance. Measuring 42.7mm x 50mm, the case is designed to command attention while offering a comfortable fit on the wrist, ensuring that this watch is not only a statement piece but also a pleasure to wear.

At the heart of this magnificent timepiece lies the RMAC3 automatic flyback chronograph movement, a marvel of engineering that exemplifies Richard Mille’s dedication to technical prowess. This movement ensures optimal performance and durability, featuring a flyback chronograph function that allows for instantaneous resetting, making it ideal for timing consecutive events with precision. The dual barrels work in harmony to provide a stable power reserve of around 55 hours, while the 4 Hz free sprung balance enhances shock resistance and accuracy.

The RM 11-03 Full Rose Gold with Full Set Diamond Case is not just a testament to luxury; it is also a functional masterpiece. The skeletonized dial, a signature Richard Mille design element, offers a captivating view into the intricate workings of the movement, while the luminous hands ensure legibility at a glance. The full diamond case not only adds to the watch’s allure but also serves as a testament to Richard Mille’s mastery in gem-setting, making each timepiece a unique work of art.

This timepiece stands as a modern icon of luxury, embodying the essence of Richard Mille’s innovative spirit and refined taste. The combination of rose gold and diamonds creates a watch that is both captivating and timeless, making it a coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Available for sale at The Watch Meister in Dubai, the Richard Mille RM 11-03 Full Rose Gold with Full Set Diamond Case invites you to experience the ultimate in luxury watchmaking. This watch is more than an accessory; it is a declaration of refined taste and an embodiment of cutting-edge innovation, awaiting those who seek the extraordinary. Whether gracing the wrist at prestigious events or serving as a testament to one’s discerning taste in fine watches, the RM 11-03 is a symbol of sophistication and unparalleled craftsmanship, ready to dazzle those who dare to stand out.

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